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Microsoft's Xbox mobile game streaming service will not be available on iOS devices, did Apple make a huge mistake by doing this?

Mobile gamers now have the ability to make use of a streaming service as opposed to purchasing individual games, this is both convenient and far more cost-effective for the user. Microsoft has just launched its mobile gaming subscription service under the mighty and highly respected Xbox brand, however, there is a catch.

Microsoft obviously wants to make this service as available as possible to as many mobile gamers as possible but Apple is making it extremely difficult to have their service available on iOS iPhone devices due to user privacy regulations and concerns.

There are two ways to look at this matter, the first one being that due to Microsofts Xbox mobile gaming subscription service not being available for Apple devices, avid iOS mobile gamers will see Android devices as a more appealing investment and leave Apple entirely and this is obviously quite a risk for Apple.

The second is that Apple already has a mobile gaming streaming service and making an established brand like Xbox available on the AppStore will be a risk to Apple.

Either way, Apple might be making a serious mistake, but only time will tell.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: LaterClips on Apple Denies Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhones.

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