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OnePlus smartphones have teamed up with German camera maker, Hasselblad, to develop a revolutionary new smartphone camera system.

OnePlus cameras have slowly but steadily grown in popularity, and are now a strong competitor in the smartphone market.

However, their camera systems were not above average in their previous smartphone models, and received mediocre reviews. Well, as it stands, OnePlus decided to take matters into their own hands and team up with one of the most exclusive camera manufacturers in the world, Hasselblad, to partner with and develop a revolutionary new smartphone camera.

Hasselblad has included never before seen photographic camera technology ever fitted into a smartphone with the OnePlus 9, with the main feature being optical image distortion removal. In most other smartphones, you'll find a wide-angle lens that features a short focal length and, due to this, you'll get a significant amount of lens distortion. This is further processed by the camera software in the smartphone to digitally correct this, but usually results in lower image quality and visual artefacts – such as cropping and incorrectly sampled perspectives. Hasselblad, on the other hand, has developed an adaptive smartphone wide-angle lens that corrects image distortion before the light even reaches the camera's sensor.

The Hasselblad camera in the OnePlus 9 will feature a stunning 48-megapixel sensor. f1.7 26mm lens with optical image stabilisation.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Dave 2D, on The OnePlus 9 Hasselblad Camera.

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