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Date: 2018-09-27

Fujifilm recently launched a new autofocus lens, which is the world's first f/1 lens.

Photokina 2018 which took place earlier this week where all the world’s top camera makers descended on the German city in order to showcase their latest wares. Some of the newly announced photography hardware will arrive later in the year and in 2019, but Fujifilm debuted a new lens that will only arrive sometime in 2020.

The lens in question is the XF33mm F1 R; which is a new prime lens designed to be a part of the Japanese camera makers X-Mount series of offerings.

While a new lens is usually not all that significant, what makes the XF33mm F1 R noteworthy is its f/1 maximum aperture and autofocus functionality, making it the first of its kind on the market.

We say on the market, but Fujifilm has not confirmed any release date or pricing at this stage, however, this new lens is slated for availability in 2020 according to the company’s X-Mount lens roadmap.

We’re yet to actually see the XF33mm F1 R in person, or indeed try it out on a camera, but the advantage of having an f/1 aperture at one's disposal in the X-Mount lineup will probably yield images where more light can feature. As such, the depth of field should be quite a handy aspect to shooting.

As for when any pre-production models will be arriving locally for us to try out, we will have to wait and see what plans Fujifilm South Africa has to offer.

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