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If you have upgraded to iOS 14 you might have received a system message on your iPhone that your password was leaked, but what does this actually mean?

Having this message pop up on your iPhone might have you very worried at first as nobody wants to know that their personal data might be at risk. After all most people have their banking information, location data, precious memories and personal messages on their iPhones, not to mention access to all their social network accounts and personal and business-related emails that may contain sensitive information.

But what Apple is actually doing is matching up your password with that of thousands in a database of known leaked passwords and if there is a match your iPhone would warn you about it. It does not directly mean that you have or are going to be hacked, they are simply just saying you might want to consider changing your password to keep you on the safe side.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Apple Explained on Why Your iPhone Says Your Password Was Leaked...

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