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The brand new console, the Sony Playstation 5 has its exclusive game leaked before its official launch date.

Since the Sony Playstation 1, exclusive games have been released together with the console at the time of launch to both help promote both the new console as well as the new game.

Xbox and other consoles have gone into partnership with game producers in the past as well with the same marketing strategy, but the problem lies in leaks.

Software and hardware leaks are completely destructive in their own right, but the issue is that no matter how hard a developer or manufacturer tries there is no way to completely protect their product from such malicious behaviour. But this can technically work in a brands favour but it is risky. If a leak occurs about a new exclusive game it could build an incredible hype, but if the came doesn't appeal to the masses, it could potentially hurt the launch of the new console.

There have been numerous reports claiming that the exclusive game that will be launched with the Sony Playstation 5 will be Final Fantasy XVI, however, an official report still awaits for confirmation.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: LaterClips on the Sony Playstation 5 Exclusive Game Leaks.

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