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Sony is changing the photography game by developing a 1-inch camera sensor for its smartphones.

It goes without saying that, since mobile phone manufacturer, Sharp, introduced the first phone with a camera – being the Sharp J-SH04 – it changed the way people associate with phones. It offered people the ability to take digital photos whenever they wanted, and never had to remember to take a bulky camera, as long as they had their phone in their pocket.

Since then, every single phone maker has hopped onto this trend. Fast forward 20-odd years, and smartphone manufacturers are continuously trying to improve on the camera phone tech. It seems as if technology has gotten to a point where camera phones simply can't get bigger without doing some drastic design changes.

Sony has tackled this head-on by not trying to reinvent clever software to make your photos appear better, like smartphone makers have been doing for the last decade, but rather by designing a larger sensor for smartphones.

The larger a camera sensor is, the more light it can gather per square inch, thus making it better in lower light situations. Plus, it allows the physics of the light to form more naturally. This helps by allowing the light to create visual phenomenons such as a shallow depth of field and bokeh effects, as opposed to relying on post-production software to handle it.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Sony's 1-inch Smartphone Sensor.

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