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Filmmaker, Errol Morris, sheds light on what it was like working for the tech giant, Apple, alongside Steve Jobs, and how he made 3am phone calls to argue about Apple ads.

Steve Jobs was, without a doubt, one of the best visionaries the tech industry had ever seen. Even today, his legacy remains. But, the truth about what it was actually like to work for him on a more intimate level was sometimes not always as glamorous as some might think.

World renowned filmmaker and advertising and marketing specialist, Errol Morris, got the opportunity to work closely with Steve Jobs on an advertising campaign Apple was creating called "Switch". It featured well-known personalities speaking about their switch from Microsoft to Apple.

Steve Jobs was undoubtedly passionate about the new Switch advertisement. Errol Morris recalls how Steve Jobs would sometimes phone him at bizarre times, like 3am, to chat about the Apple adverts, and would love to argue about it! Errol mentioned that once Steve Jobs used the analogy that, if you place rocks in a rock tumbler and let it spin for a week, the more they bumped heads the smoother they will both become.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Business Insider, on Steve Jobs Made 3 AM Phone Calls To Argue About Apple Ads.

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