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In the science community, it was a slightly more special Christmas as the 25th of December 2021 marked the day that the brand new and highly technologically advanced James Webb Space Telescope got launched into space to replace the Hubble Space Telescope.

However, even though the huge James Webb Space Telescope project is now finally in space, it doesn't necessarily mean someone back at mission control can flip a switch and start taking some super-high-resolution images to see what they can find. Unfortunately, the telescope is far more sophisticated than that.

Over the next few months, the James Webb Space Telescope will undergo a number of different milestones in the sense that it has been specially designed to unfold into its optimal working position. Thereafter, each detector will have to go through mass calibrations. It is expected to only start being in use and in full working order in about 9 months time.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: The Secrets Of The Universe on The First Thing That The James Webb Space Telescope Will See...

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