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There is no point in denying that smartphones have become an integral part of lives all over. Right from booking a ticket to watch live shows to keeping up with your pals on social media, everything can now be done on a smartphone. In fact, the smartphone has already started providing itself as a formidable alternative for a DSLR camera, especially when it comes to casual photography.

The Light Phone 2 is an active attempt at helping smartphone users get off the hook and break their dependency on their phones. The Light Phone 2 has been described as a "Dumb Phone", due to the fact that the phone can be used only for a few tasks and nothing beyond that.

The phone is the size of a credit card and is designed so that you can leave your normal phone behind and still have a way of communicating with people in case of dire need. The Light Phone 2 will support 4G LTE and comes equipped with a black and white matte E-ink display. The device supports other features like messaging, alarm clock and a normal unlocked SIM slot for GSM calling.

The Light Phone 2 is currently in a prototype stage and is part of an ongoing campaign on Indiegogo. The phone is seemingly very easy to use and is handy for old people who want to steer away from the convoluted smartphone quagmire. Interestingly, the phone is also expected to support simple GPS navigation options along with future scope for integrating music playlist and voice commands. If you are on a quest to kick your smartphone addiction adieu, then the Light Phone 2 might be the best bet. Indiegogo pledges start from $250 and this will include a charging cable.

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