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Are you a believer of the "byte" theory regarding the Apple logo being a play on words with the computer term? Well, unfortunately, you're wrong. The real reason dates back far before that theory was ever conceived.

Back in 1977, Steve Jobs appointed a design agency to come up with a more simplified version of the original hand-drawn Apple Logo. The original featured Issac Newton under an Apple tree, and the only brief Jobs gave to them was that it needed to be printable and "don't make it cute".

Rob Janoff was assigned to this project, and he decided to steer clear of what other computer companies like IBM and HP were doing. Instead of creating a text-based logo, he would focus on an image-based one. After a few drafts of his original Apple logo, the feedback was that some people mistook the apple for a cherry. So, in order to give it a sense of scale, Rob gave it a bite on the right-hand side, making it instantly recognisable. Rob also gave it six different colours to indicate the colour display, which was a first on any computer at the time.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Apple Explained, on Why There Is A Bite In The Apple Logo...

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