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To all the burger lovers out there, welcome to the future! This massive robotic contraption is the next big thing in culinary automation.

You may have read about burger-flipping robots, but this machine fully automates the burger-making process from start to finish. Nearly, anyway. Humans are still required to do a bit of prep work for the machine and need to make sure that the ingredients get replenished once they're depleted. Other than restocking, this self-contained burger factory can toast buns, grill patties, slice some tomatoes, pickles and onions, apply condiments as well as stack its creations neatly and package the whole works up for hungry customers.

Your requests can become pretty specific too. Want your pickles exactly 2mm think? That is no problem at all. There is no mention as to whether or not it's capable of writing secret messages in ketchup or mustard on the buns.

For now, there is only one place you can go to see this mechanised wonder at work: Creator in San Francisco's bustling SoMa neighbourhood. While the machine can handle the bulk of the kitchen work, there are still humans on hand at Creator to tend to customers' needs.

In addition, to keep the machine stocked, they will be busy helping customers concoct the perfect burger. They'll almost certainly be answering a lot of questions about their awesome robot.

The goal, of the machine according to the Creators' is to automate the most mundane tasks and allow people to devote their energy to the personal side of the operation. “We’re at the point that we firmly believe that you cannot automate human creativity and social interaction,” CEO Alex Vardakostas told Forbes

video via TechCrunch

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