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Introducing Morpholio's latest 'smart fill' feature for the already popular Tracepro application on iPad and iPhone.

Whether it is a simple DIY home renovation or a professional project, this app allows you to sketch in real time, while it calculates the actual area of any space and then fills it for you, providing vibrant colours, text labels and even precise data.

"The new feature is a fill tool that not only calculates the area of the fill, it actually changes as the sketch evolves," says Anna Kenoff, Morpholio co-founder. "Slice a room in half and watch it reduce or, erase a wall and watch it expand."

In order to use the smart fill feature, which is already available in the App Store, users simply start sketching; from scratch or over any drawing or background image. Set the scale and move the target to the area you want to be filled, once that is done you will receive an area calc for that space, which will evolve as you design the space further via sketching.

If the users would like more than one area, they simply press the smart fill '+' to add additional regions and keep a running tab of all areas. The areas chart will appear and can be copied or dragged directly to excel, sheets, notes or any other format.

"Architects move between technical drawing and illustration all the time. This is our art – conceptualising an idea, and then realising it in the real world. We need tools that allow our thinking to move between concept and reality without hindrance. Reinforcing the creative process by providing a bit of intelligence to the fluidity of sketching has always been the goal of trace," explains Toru Hasegawa, Morpholio co-founder.

Here are 7 ways smart fill will change the way you work:

1: Calculate floorplans, home projects, additions, garden designs or simply wall paint areas so you know how much paint to buy.

2: You can bring intelligence to an earlier phase of the project by starting with a smarter sketch.

3: Pair areas with the ‘maps’ tool which will bring in a scaled map of any site in the world. simply type in an address and throw down your ruler.

4: Create versions quickly and keep track along the way.

5: Be able to say with confidence that a scheme has 2000 sq. ft. of stone and 1500 sq. ft. of glass as you sketch and collaborate.

6: Quickly calculate areas on site and live-check the work of your team or consultants to keep the conversation moving.

7: Sketch a perspective and shade the glass blue, fill a landscape sketch with lush green, or add a pop of color for emphasis.

Have a look at the video to see Morpholio in action.

Trace Pro "Smart Fill" for Architects from Morpholio on Vimeo.

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