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Check out this nostalgic unboxing of a sealed Apple iBook G3 computer.

The Apple iBook G3 laptop was released in 1999 and was considered a state of the art computer for its time.

Those of you who were avid Apple users back then will remember these laptops. With their two-tone coloured designs, opening the box was nothing shy of the best feeling ever! Even today, opening up an Apple product is almost as exciting as using the product itself.

The Apple iBook G3 featured a 300 megahertz processor, 64 megabytes of RAM, 6 Gb storage space, CD-ROM drive, optional Wi-Fi, 6 hour battery life, as well as a standard 30 day free internet access. Furthermore, these old-school iBook G3's also came standard with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Netscape Communicator.

The Apple iBook G3 also featured a headphone input jack, Ethernet jack, as well as a USB port.

When starting up your iBook G3 for the first time, it tells you what the internet is, then asks if you would like to connect to it!

The text reads:

"The internet is a worldwide network of computers that you can access using your computer and a telephone line.

To access the internet, you sign up for service with a company called a service provider. (Also known as an ISP)"

Hilarious! Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, iJustine, on Unboxing A Sealed Apple iBook G3 computer.

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