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Date: 2018-02-14

Boston Dynamics, the robotics company that is now owned by SoftBank and once deemed too creepy for Google to keep its hands on) released a new video of its latest four-legged creature.

It looks like we have to inform everyone that life as we know it will change. 

The video shows the latest iteration of its SpotMini robot standing in front of a door, presumably in Boston Dynamic's lab. All of a sudden, around the corner, pops another Spot with a creepy arm attached to its back, which he uses to grab the door handle. The SpotMini is seen holding open the door for his fellow robot-dog friend while he casually walks through the door.

Watching the video feels eerily like the scene in Jurassic Park when the Velociraptor figures out how to open a door on their own. But with the cold, calculating brain of a Boston Dynamic robot behind one of those doors, we might not be so lucky to get away like the humans in the movie.

Boston Dynamics' researchers have a history of abusing their creations, and now that they know how to open doors, as well as squish cans, and do insane backflips, we are almost certainly doomed.

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