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If you are someone that likes folding clothes, then you are doing life in a totally wrong way. We all hate it, doing laundry sucks, or at least that is what we all would like to say.

Thanks to some innovative genius though, there is now a robot that can fold clothes into neat piles for you. Presented in Las Vegas at CES 2018, the laundry folder goes by the name of FoldiMate, and can take an entire laundry load and fold it in a few minutes – a task so simple and fun to operate that even kids will be fighting to do it... or at least that is what the company states.

The FolidMate is designed to fit nicely in any room and can be placed anywhere in your house for a grand total of $980 USD. The robot can fold any type of shirt, blouse, or pants from age 5 to adult size XXL. It works best with average-sized clothing and, currently, it can not fold any small items like baby clothes, socks or undergarments – although, who even folds their underwear? – as well as large ones like sheets or bulky ones like hoodies?

If you think it's still worth is, FoldiMate will start shipping at the end of 2019. We do hope that the robot will be able to eventually fold sheets and maybe even socks, so you cannot miss place them.

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