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Most free-to-play mobile games aren’t always all that fun until you actually spend some money on them. But PikPok’s latest release brings plenty of gory entertainment to your fingertips without requiring you to spend a dime. (yay!) 

Into the Dead 2 is the sequel to one of the best zombie shooter titles ever, and adds just enough new stuff to improve on the original, without taking away what made it cool!! 

It’s an endless runner that sees you dodge, weave and shoot your way through hordes of undead as you make your way back to your family from your wrecked vehicle miles from home.

The gameplay largely remains the same as the first title, Into the Dead 2 introduces a bit of a storytelling in the form of a chapter-based stage format, and simple cutscenes at the end of each level that will give you an idea of how your character and his beloved family are doing. 

Into the Dead features slick graphics, a dead-simple control scheme and a variety of new weapons and game modes to try. It also has daily challenges which let you try guns you do not own yet as well as a survivor mode to test your skills. 

Into the Dead looks addictive and fun, you can download the game on iOS and Android!

In the meantime have a crack at the trailer below! 

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