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Jason Barnes form Georgia is an aspiring musician and about five years ago he was electrocuted by high-voltage power lines while cleaning the rooftop vent at the restaurant he was working at. After a near-death experience, Barnes survived, but he lost his right arm just below the elbow. 

Using a basic self-designed drumming prosthetic, he kept going, until he was put in touch with roboticist Gil Weinberg at Georgia Tech, who built a robotic prosthetic with not one, but two drumsticks.  Barnes can control one of the drumsticks with his own arm muscle through electromyography (EMG) sensors that send the impulse between his arm and the prosthetic. 

A prosthetic with ultrasound technology is allowing an amputee to control each of his prosthetic fingers. It provides fine motor hand gestures that aren't possible with current commercially available devices. 

All this takes us inches closer to the reality of Luke Skywalker's bionic hand. Additionally, the prosthetic has different hand modes that can be switched with the press of a button; technology that is common in a lot of prostheses available today.

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