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Nintendo has released a musical video ahead of the Super Mario Odyssey video game. The song has been a key component of Nintendo's marketing material ever since the platform holder unveiled the game back in January at the Switch preview presentation, but now the song 'Jump Up, Super Star' has been remade in live action. The Super Mario Odyssey video features a combination of real gameplay from previous trailers and New Donk City-themed dance numbers. 

Along with the video's release, Nintendo is also offering gamers to download a short version of the song for free on the game's website until January 2018. Unfortunately, iOS users will not be able to download the song directly on their smartphone but will be able to download it on a desktop first before transferring it to iTunes. 

According to Nintendo of Japan's website, it would appear that the full version of the song will be available to download on October 27, alongside a brand new hardware bundle, which will include a digital download copy of the game and Mario-themed red Joy-Cons. Nintendo will also release a Super Mario Odyssey-themed Nintendo Switch carry case. 

Have a look at the Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey music video below: 


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