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The End is Nigh with Nintendo Switch, as they get ready for the launch of their game next month.
The new game coming to the Nintendo platform, titled "The End is Nigh" is a strange story that recounts the travails of Ash who, like the erstwhile Meat Boy, must pass through a seriously dangerous series of obstacles and hindrances.

The landscape consists of platforms, pointed objects and booby traps that means certain death. Ash must make a few pals along the way as well. The creature named Ash in the game is shaped like an amorphous mass of gelatinous matter. In fact, he looks like a blob. There are various mini-games and collectables hidden in the mix too.

The game is already released on Steam and this game carries on the McMillen trademark of a haunted, weird and macabre atmosphere.  There are over 600 difficulty levels making the competition go through the roof. The game will come to the Switch on 12 December of this year.

Have a look at the teaser video below:

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