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The Professional camera company made waves last month when it announced plans to launch its first smartphone, the Hydrogen One. RED has not released many details about the device in the time since, but they have hyped up some of the features; a modular accessory system that will support higher quality camera tools with a "holographic" display that is said to be capable of presenting images with a 3D-like effect without the need for specialized glasses. 

Up until now, RED has only released one teaser image of the device, but the company recently gave the popular YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee a non-functional prototype of what it says the Hydrogen One will ultimately look like. The back of the Hydrogen One has a mix of metal and Kevlar, with a big dual-lens camera, four screws in the corners, a big ruby-like logo, and those modular accessory pins at the bottom. There is still a lot to learn about the Hydrogen One and we will have to see a fully working model in order to witness the glasses-free 3D, have a look at the video to find out more!

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