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Meet Archinaut the 3D-printing robot. Archinaut enables a wide range of in-space manufacturing and assembly capabilities by combining space-proven robotic-manipulation with additive manufacturing demonstrated on the Internation Space Station (ISS) and in terrestrial laboratories. 

The robot enables new spacecraft designs and reduces costs associated with qualifying a satellite for launch. Archinaut's mission is to construct, assemble and manufacture these entire spacecraft in orbit. Traditionally, satellite design has been constrained by launch-shroud size and launch load/environment survivability requirements. Similarly, due to lift capacity limits and the high risk and low availability of astronaut EVA for assembly. Creating large space-based structures such as space stations has been a once-in-a-generation endeavour. Archinaut minimizes or removes these and other design limitations.

In the video, the technology of Archinaut is used to arrange data-transmitting nodes and structs into unique structures. 


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