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Microsoft has released the latest Xbox update to Alpha Ring and according to them the best way to explain the update is "customisable." 

Some of the features are that, on the home screen, gamers will have some new buttons. These include one that will let them launch a paused game and another that will suggest other players to a friend. Underneath that, there’ll be a bar with buttons for various recently played games, along with obnoxiously large buttons advertising other games to buy. That’s an addition we can do without but, who knows, perhaps you’ll be able to customise your home screen to exclude it. 

One of the most notable additions is the "Content Blocks"; which will allow gamers to pin games, friends and communities to their home page so it will be easier to find them. The guide will also come with a horizontal tab layout, and when you click on anything in the tab such as a friend's name a new tab will be layered over the previous one, which looks a bit messy. 

It looks like it is becoming very much like the PS4’s layout, but have a look at the video below and decide for yourself, who knows, you might actually like it.

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