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If you're in the YouTube content creation game, you are essentially a videographer and want to produce the best video quality you possibly can for your audience but most of the time buying a decent camera and filming in 4K on a gimble or tripod is simply not enough.

Like in all forms of videography and photography, it is your understanding of light that will separate you from the rest and really help put your videos on a much higher professional level.

Light is the magical stuff that surrounds us that we use to make our videos at a fundamental level, but just understanding a few basic principles will completely transform the outcome:

  • Direction of light - Lighting your videos from the front kills depth and shaping, try lighting from a higher angle and from the side.
  • Quality of light - Don't create harsh shadows by using strong, small and bright lights. Modify the light by using a diffuser.
  • Colour of light - Light comes in many different colours, make sure your key light (main light) is a clean white, and get creative with other colours on your background from other lights.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Peter McKinnon on How To Professionally Light Your Videos...

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