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What is the reason for Apple still selling the iPod?

The iPod was a revolutionary product for Apple, not to mention the entire music industry. Apple launched the first iPod way back in 2001 and, even after a few generations of the music playing device, it was the first Apple device for many people. The success of the iPod paved the way for where Apple is today.

However, with the majority of people owning very capable smartphones nowadays, why does Apple still insist on selling the iPod Touch?

It was rumoured that Apple will be discontinuing the iPod. As the last one standing, the iPod Touch, hasn't received an update in many years but, to our surprise, Apple upgraded the chipset in the iPod Touch. So, they will continue to sell it at the same price as when it was initially released in 2012 at $199.

But, the real reason has got nothing to do with making a profit off the iPod. The iPod Touch remains as purely a marketing strategy. For many kids, popular devices consist of either an iPad or an iPod Touch before they are old enough to get their first phone. Kids have proven to be incredibly brand loyal and usually insist on getting a product from a brand they are familiar with.

Apple realises this and knows that in a couple of years, that kid who loved his/her iPod Touch would be most likely to invest in an iPhone at a later stage.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Apple Explained, on Why Is Apple Still Selling iPods?

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