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In the early days of the Apple iPod, you could spot an iPod user from a mile off, even if you never saw the iPod itself. This was because of their unique white earphones. But why were they white to begin with?

Apple has always taken brand identity very seriously, which is why you are presented with a large glowing white Apple logo on the back of people's MacBook. This philosophy includes the unique design of an iMac or even the overly large Apple logo on the back of the iPhone.

But, when Apple released the original iPod, they ran into a bit of a problem: all their brand identity would be tucked away in someone's pocket and not out in the open for the world to see. So, Apple did the complete opposite to what other music player manufacturers were doing at the time, instead of the traditional black earphones and cables, Apple made their's thicker and purely white.

They used the white earphones as a huge marketing campaign for the iPod. If you wanted to be cool, you had to get yourself them white earphones!

This tradition has remained on Apple products for two decades. But, judging by what Apple is doing now for the first time, with coloured charge cables and varied coloured AirPods Pro offerings, we might just see the Apple AirPods and earphones offered in a variety of colours in the near future.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Apple Explained, on Why Apple Earbuds Only Come In White...

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