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This is the real reason why Apple fired Steve Jobs.

In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple. Steve Jobs as the visionary and Wozniak as the engineer. Together they would develop and sell the Apple 1 computer. With the profit from the Apple 1, they developed the Apple 2, which would become the main rival to Apple's competition, IBM, and would ultimately put them on the Map.

After a few very successful years, Steve Jobs employed former Pepsi CEO, John Sculley, in 1983 to help him run Apple. The first year Apple ran under Steve Jobs alongside John Sculley, everything seemed to be working perfectly fine. But, as Jobs got more involved with the development side of the business, he didn't have final say over specific aspects of the company.

Jobs was eventually banned from having any part of the Apple Lisa computer project as the board saw him as a risk to the company. Steve Jobs then started a small new side project called the Macintosh with a handful of people still under Apple but, before the completion of the Macintosh, the board of directors voted Jobs out of the company. They had concerns over the lavish spending on Apple products under the rule of Steve Jobs at a time, and Apple was near the verge of bankruptcy.

After Steve Jobs left the company in 1985, Apple failed to produce successful products time after time, which put Apple in an even worse condition.

It wasn't until 1996 that Steve Jobs would return to the company he initially started as CEO. Under the management of Steve Jobs, Apple would go on to become one of the leaders in the personal computer, smartphone, music, software and tech industry. He retired in August 2011 and was replaced as CEO by his trusted good friend, Tim Cook, who is still in charge today.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Vision, on The Real Reason Why Apple Fired Steve Jobs.

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