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Why is it that most people use Google Chrome as their default browser, even though there are many alternatives out there?

In January 2021, a report showed that around 70% of users make use of Google Chrome as their default and preferred internet browser, but why exactly is this?

Well, it happened to be incredibly popular largely due to timing. Prior to 2008, most people made use of Internet Explorer, but it was notorious for spontaneously becoming unresponsive and shutting down. The only other reasonable alternative back then was Mozilla Firefox, which virtually only worked well with static websites.

In 2008, Google released a new downloadable internet browser called Google Chrome, which was specifically designed to seamlessly support interactive websites such as Google Earth, Google Maps and Dropbox as opposed to a site that just offers text and images.

Furthermore, Google learned from their competition's weak spots and developed Chrome from the ground up on the foundation called "Sandbox". This, essentially, allowed each Google Chrome tab or window to be handled separately by the computers CPU as opposed to the CPU running the entire browser all at once. So, for example, if one tab crashed, it was most likely that the other tabs would continue to operate just fine.

All of these small traits that Google Chrome offered made the user experience second to none in comparison to Internet Explorer and others available at this time.

Since then, people have continued to be loyal to Google Chrome and are most likely to continue supporting the application.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Quicky, on why Everyone Uses Google Chrome?

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