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Apple, being the inventor of the modern computer mouse concept, has now designed their latest chargeable mouse to be plugged in from the bottom which has completely outraged the tech industry as it literally renders the mouse unusable whilst on charge!

Well, there have been many rumours going around that claim Apple did this intentionally to keep the original battery-powered mouse as aesthetically pleasing as possible with no visual charging points and quite frankly doesn't care about the user experience in this case, or for the fact that completely redesigning the mouse would take far too much time and money to develop and thus simply redesigning one single component would be far more cost-effective and convenient for the tech company.

But those who have never used the new mouse are the ones only complaining as the new mouse is usable for up to nine hours of use after a single 2 minutes of charging!

So this completely justifies Apple's decision to have designed it in this particular way.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Apple Explained on Why Apple's Mouse Charges From The Bottom...

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