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The Apple Watch is a loved device from Apple and is used by millions of people throughout the world each and every day, but we normally take a couple of features for granted and most people don't particularly care about how these features work, so long as they work...

One more noticeable feature of the Apple Watch are those mysterious green lights at the back that make contact with your wrist, most people understand that this has something to do with the heart rate monitor and they'd be right, but why is the colour green specifically and not any other colour?

Well, there is science behind it. Your blood is red in appearance and therefore absorbs green light. The Apple Watch makes use of a feature called photoplethysmography that uses pulsing green light to measure the flow of blood under the surface of the skin to give the user an accurate heart rate measurement.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Apple Explained on Why The Apple Watch Has Green Lights...

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