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The moon has been fascinating people for all of existence and only a lucky few have ever had the opportunity to walk on its surface. The last NASA moon mission was in the 1970s until people lost interest as it was done so many times beforehand and the public were protesting the tax money that was spent in order to fund the missions.

However, SpaceX and NASA have now confirmed that they will yet again be putting people on the surface of the moon in 2024. But this is not SpaceX's main goal and Elon Musk has plans to set up a permanent base of the red planet and even start to colonize it. But why not the moon instead?

At first glance, it might seem more plausible to have the moon colonized before Mars and it would be significantly cheaper and more convenient as it's so close, but the moon has no polar ice caps as Mars does, so any chance of terraforming it goes out the window.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Flat life on Why Doesn't SpaceX Just Colonize The Moon Instead Of Mars?...

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