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Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, makes enough money to dump millions into Blue Origin. Because of all the cash, the spaceflight company – which Bezos owns – may be able to make missions to the moon on a regular basis by 2023.

NASA is also planning to be back on the moon in the same timeframe, however, Elon Musk claims that SpaceX will be there sooner – but who knows when it'll actually happen? But, with the massive successes SpaceX has been able to claim recently, it's likely the most on-track.

NASA can obviously get there, but it is the US budget to work with that sometimes put them back a bit. But the kicker here is that Blue Origin sounds like it wants to have the infrastructure and capacity to get products to the moon en masse. The Blue Origin business development director, AC Charania, said that the company's goal for 2023 was "our first step to developing a lunar landing capability for the country, for other customers internationally, to be able to land multi metric tons on the lunar surface. Any permanent human presence on the lunar surface will require such a capability."

And there is definitely a point. Any sustained development on the moon will need to interact with Earth regularly. Or at least it should if these companies are serious about developing that as the next phase in human-dom. And if you think about it, moon bases are sweet as hell.

Blue Origin is also expecting public space flight next year as well, it's likely that Bezos's big push will be to just keep gobbling up all the world's money by making more customers, but in space. SO, there is that tinge of capitalist dystopia underlying all this but you cannot have a moon base without a dystopic society. That's not how it should work, but here is to hoping that Amazon can pull this off.

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