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Take a look at the reasons why Electronic Arts are the most hated game developers in the world.

First of all, "hate" is a very strong word, but it was taken from a pole that was conducted in 2019 as to what the most hated company (and yes, not gaming company) in the United States is. Electronic Arts got 250,000 votes which ultimately landed them as number 1.

Electronic Arts is, without a doubt, one of the biggest players in the video game industry, and is responsible for bringing us games such as Need For Speed, The Sims and FIFA.

But diehard gaming fans that have been involved and passionate about the gaming community since the 1970s and 1980s will easily point out some of the questionable tactics and development strategies Electronic Arts has made in the past. Is the company still run and operated the same way? Quite possibly not, but here are three reasons why some people still have hard feelings towards the gaming giant:

1: Killing Smaller Developers: It is no secret that Electronic Arts would pay a lot of interest in smaller game developers and their projects and, almost un-logically, buy the entire company and keep its employees. That's great, but they would change the management style to a point that its developers would have unrealistic deadlines and produce mediocre and unfinished games. From the failure of those games, Electronic Arts would shut the developers down. This happened countless times in the past.

2: Microtransactions: It was as recently as 2017 that Electronic Arts received some heavy criticism by fans on the new Star Wars game that was initially $60 to purchase. It was specifically designed to be incredibly difficult to make progress in the game without purchasing additional unlocked features. It got so bad, that Star Wars franchise owners, Disney, even gave Electronic Arts a hard time about there "shady" tactics.

3: Exploiting Employees: In 2004, there were numerous cases where employees were obliged to work over 13 hours a day, seven days a week. Ultimately, this resulted in two court cases filed by and artist and a programmer who settled for around $15,000,000 each as a result of exploiting employees.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Company Man, on Why Electronic Arts is the most hated gaming developers.

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