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Here is the story behind why Facebook and Apple became rivals.

It is no secret that the social media giant, Facebook, and tech firm, Apple, are rivals. But these two companies have completely different target markets, so why the beef?

Well, as it turns out, their target market is not so different after all. Apple wants to offer their users safe and secure user experiences when it comes to privacy, while Facebook sells relevant ads to their users by collecting user data largely on the mobile device, many of them Apple iPhones.

It all started back in the day when Apple released the iPhone and a whole new concept of optimised mobile apps. On one hand, Apple wanted to push for mobile app user experiences, and Facebook wanted iPhone users to access their services through the web browser. But why? Well, basically, it's all got to do with having control.

If a user were to make use of an app to gain access to Facebook, that app would have to first be approved by Apple on the AppStore which, ultimately, gives Apple full control over what types of data Facebook can collect.

And, over the years, Apple has made it increasingly more difficult with each iPhone software update for Facebook to collect data to sell relevant ads to users.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Apple Explained, on How Facebook And Apple Became Rivals.

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