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About two weeks ago there was yet another major Facebook hack, which affected around 30 million people, not 50 million as originally feared.

However, for half of those whose accounts were broken into – which was about 14 million people – the hackers accessed intimate information, such as the last 10 places those users checked into, their current city and their 15 most-recent searches, which Facebook announced on Friday in a blog post.

For 15 million, the cyber thieves only managed to access their names and contact information. The attackers did not take any information from about a million people whose accounts were also vulnerable. A smaller slice of people was more affected, with about 400 000 people served as the hackers' entry point to the 30 million other Facebook users. The 400 000 users could be spied on and the hackers could see what the users see as they look at their own profiles.

All that includes posts, their Facebook timeline and even names of recent Facebook Messenger conversations. The hack, one of the worst in Facebook history, comes at a time when the Menlo Park, California-based social network is desperately trying to regain trust with its users.

However, the question is...Should we trust Facebook, or should we move on?

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