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There is a problem in the tech world in modern times and that is that nearly each and every gadget from a watch to a toothbrush needs some form of charging which can be rather frustrating and inconvenient, to say the least...

However, with that said, newer forms of charging are not nearly as bad as they used to be even just a few short years ago largely thanks to advances in fast charging technology and even wireless charging technology, but there are still some devices and gadgets that need charging but why exactly? For example, the Apple Pencil, Steve Jobs swore against the idea of a stylus back in the day, and now Apple released their very own stylus that needs charging as well, but why?

Apple's stylus, or Pencil, is far more superior to its competition due to the fact that it does not work via electro-magnets which usually cause a delayed response in usage which is very unnatural to the user. Apple designed the Pencil to work off Bluetooth which has little to no delayed response and because of this it needs charging, fortunately, in the latest model of Apple Pencil, it can charge wirelessly when connected to the iPad so users don't even notice its charging.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Apple Explained on Why The Apple Pencil Needs To Be Charged...

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