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Nearing the end of a busy, busy day, and seeing your iPhone's battery is nearly flat, what does a normal ,sensible person do next? Yap, you guessed it! You turn on low power mode!

However, you might have noticed that, regardless of how flat your iPad may be, it has no low power mode. This may seem a bit odd, but there is logic behind why Apple decided not to include this feature on the iPad.

First of all, although the two devices are rather similar in some sense, they serve completely different purposes. An iPhone is the device that most people would use to stay in touch with relatives on a daily basis, for shopping and purchasing products and services, in an emergency, and even to lock and unlock their cars. The iPad, however, falls secondary in this sense to the iPhone, as most users would use iPads in an environment where they have access to power, such as at home or at the office.

Secondly, the iPad supports a far bigger battery and, thus, can withstand far longer usage times, regardless of having a bigger display. Taking into consideration the percentage of usage time on an iPhone being far greater, the chances of an iPad running low on power is far less likely. So, Apple decided to not even include a low power mode with the iPad as it would most likely be a redundant feature.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Apple Explained, on Why The iPad Doesn't Have Low Power Mode...

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