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There talk about Apple possibly launching a foldable iPhone and it could be released as soon as 2021.

Samsung beat Apple to the foldable phones and tablets, and even companies like Motorolla have taken advantage of the foldable smartphone market with their brand new foldable RAZRl, however, a year later, there has still been no Apple product taking advantage of this.

No one was expecting a foldable iPhone or iPad to have been released at the last Apple product launch, however, there is no doubt that they are exploring the idea in the meantime. But typically with Apple, they ensure they release a product that will dominate the market, be exclusive and highly innovative, and that doesn't mean they have to be the first to do so. For example, the smartphone already existed before the first iPhone, but Apple launched there take on the concept of a revolutionary phone, and we were introduced to the iPhone which quickly rose to arguably the best phone brand in the world.

However, Apple has proven to take its time before incorporating new technology into its device lineup. Their reasoning is that they want the technology to get to a point where it is reliable and all the bugs and issues have been ironed out. The interest towards foldable smartphones has risen drastically over the last couple of months and Apple has no choice but to adapt foldable technology into their offerings.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: Tech Square on iPhone Fold? Apple Release a Foldable iPhone in 2021?

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