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Your face is what makes you unique. It distinguishes you from every other person on the planet, and it unlocks your smartphone, and it can gain you entry to your bank account.

Facial recognition also allows law enforcement to quickly and accurately identify a wanted person in a crowd, or match a simple image with a database of known criminals.

This whole concept has conjured a sort of Orwellian "Big Brother" impression across the globe, where folks are concerned that ever-evolving facial recognition technology may not always be accurate. Perhaps, even more, troubling is the idea of real-time databases fuelled by drones, body cameras, and dash cams.

"The real concern is police on patrol identifying law-abiding Americans at will with body cameras," Matthew Feeney, a specialist in emerging technologies at the Cato Institute think tank, told the Agence France-Presse (AFP). "This technology is, of course, improving, but it’s not as accurate as science fiction films would make you think."

Well, not yet at least. Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon are among some other tech giants working on similar programs; the latter has controversially lent its Recognition software to police departments in an effort to "enable database matches."

In the meantime, IBM plans to launch a large-scale study to "improve the understanding of bias in facial analysis," AFP said.

However, facial recognition does have its upsides: According to the AFP, the technology helped Maryland police arrest a suspect in last month's Capital Gazette newsroom shooting. Accused Jarrod Ramos reportedly refused to cooperate with the police, who couldn't immediately ID the culprit using fingerprints.

"We would have been much longer in identifying him and being able to push forward in the investigation without that system," Anne Arundel County Police Chief Timothy Altomare told AFP.

Facial recognition will change the way we live and go at life, you will be able to learn more about the process of where facial recognition is by watching the video below.

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