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The 1966 blockbuster "Fantastic Voyage" is now a reality. Medical microbots are advancing at a rapid rate, allowing people to swallow a pill that will perform specific precarious procedures. They would be able to unclog arteries and deliver medication to a specific part of the body. It could also provide early diagnosis of tumors and diseases, significantly decreasing the fatality rate. It will reduce the need for many major surgeries and will eventually become a more efficient and accurate option for surgery. 

The microbots are flexible and soft, allowing them to swim through the body guided by an electromagnetic field. The microbot moves using a "flagellum", a fancy word for tail without damaging the inside of the body. Tests have been conducted on animals, however, scientists need to work on directing the microbot more accurately through the body.

The microbot needs to be biocompatible and exit the body safely. Unfortunately, the current models have not been able to weather the chemicals within the human body but advances in this field look promising for cancer patients. 

It's an exciting new world!

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