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Star Wars: Jedi Challenges has trained pupils in the way of The Force with a smartphone-powered, augmented reality (AR) system for the past year.

Now, fans can join Lenovo and Disney as they announced that their Star Wars AR game will now feature local multiplayer. Previously the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges put users up against the virtual likes of Kylo Ren and Darth Vader.

In a strategic game of focus, users are prompted to respond to visual foresight. Arrows and lines tell you to dodge Vader's lightsaber-swiped and deflect Kylo Ren's angsty jabs. These foresights are your Jedi intuitions, and they are just as important in multiplayer.

In the multiplayer mode, two competitors wear Lenovo mirage AR headsets, and in a room – that is hopefully an open and spacious one – the competitors inch backwards until they are a few feet apart. The players hold their hands around their lightsaber controllers in their own unique way. One may choose to squeeze their sword like an aggressive Anakin.

The other player may be trying the game because their friend begged them and may end up holding the lightsaber more like a Jar Jar. Regardless, two round tracking beams will glow on the floor in front of them, and though they're wearing individual AR helmets, they will see each other's blade of light.

The system tells each player to strike and where to defend. Whoever is the fastest and most focused, will defeat the other. In this way, the Star Wars AR game feels more like guitar hero with lightsabers than an 'open-world' freestyle battle.

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