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Pretty much everywhere you look at these days, you'll find some sort of a review on the top specs and features of Apple's newly redesigned iMac, and it is nothing shy of amazing.

However, apart from the highly spoken about features – such as its ultra-thin 11.5mm screen which now features a stunning 4.5K resolution Retina display, the latest Apple M1 chip, and that it is available in a variety of exciting colours – there are other exciting features that are not widely known or talked about.

The new 24-Inch Apple iMac now has a front camera that features full high definition 1080p resolution. It has the ability to seamlessly and accurately make adjustments to your focus with face-detection, make adjustments to your exposure when needed as well as make adjustments to your white balance settings as well. And, when you are on a conference call, the brand new and innovative built-in microphone produces studio-quality audio that locks on to the main source of audio and eliminates any unwanted background noise instantaneously.

The new iMac has also received a major update to its internal speakers, not that the previous version was all that bad, to begin with. This new 24-Inch iMac is on another level, with its impressive 6-speaker sound system that features two pairs of force-cancelling subwoofers. Each is balanced out by high-quality tweeters which, together, deliver a wide range of frequencies. With the new iMac's advanced audio setup and design, it now features spatial audio with content played with Dolby Atmos.

The redesigned iMac keyboard now features new buttons for Spotlight, Dictation, Do Not Disturb and even one for Emojis. Furthermore, the top right button of the keyboard now features Touch ID which makes logging in, online purchases and banking a whole lot more convenient and significantly safer as well.

Furthermore, all the packaging for the new iMac is manufactured with wood fibre from responsibly managed forests. Some components in the new iMac such as the speakers, the fans and power connector, are all made from 100% recycled materials, which all make the new Apple iMac the most environmentally friendly Mac ever made.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Apple Explained, on the 24-Inch iMac – Top New Features.

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