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This device, the SnowOwl, claims to give you an 'augmented reality' experience when it comes to audio.

Everyone has a unique hearing profile, you hear some frequencies better than others, there are some frequencies your ear does not pick up well, and all personal audio devices should be able to account for that, to provide a listening experience, tailored to your ear's abilities.

That’s where SnowOwl comes in. The tiny device comes with a lot of capabilities, one of them being giving you, the wearer, the ability to balance and modify any audio input to your tastes. The wireless wearable straps to your wrist, or can be clipped onto your clothes. Connecting to your headphones, the SnowOwl lets you control audio playback from your phone, adjusting left-right ear balance and even frequencies, or even lets you listen to the world around you, courtesy of an onboard microphone.

Imagine trying to listen to a conversation with music or crowd-noise in the background, or try to listen to a presentation/meeting while there’s traffic noise. The SnowOwl lets you cut out frequencies that do not matter, isolating the audio you need from the audio you don’t. A heaven-sent for loud concerts, the SnowOwl also lets you limit the audio coming into your ear (working like earbuds where you can control what you want to listen to and how much of it you want to enter your ear), letting you cut the high decibels so you can listen to the music at the desired amplitude.

The wireless design of the SnowOwl has an additional advantage. It works with any earphone or headphone you have, and it pairs with your phone via Bluetooth. The wearable has the ability to take your corded headphones and give them wireless abilities. Working alongside Clementine Audio’s smartphone app, the SnowOwl augments your hearing, allowing you to boost voices or music, tune out noise, or even regulate frequencies and outputs in harsh environments that would damage your hearing.

Oh, and with its built-in directional microphone, it’s a rather neat spy tool too! Check it out below.

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