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A survey report reveals a shocking 95 percent of iPhone users in China would dump Apple based on a potential ban on Chinese based apps on the Appstore.

Apple has been taking drastic measures lately to better improve on their user security and updating their privacy policy, especially for third-party applications. Even social media giants like Facebook have to restructure their data capturing algorithms for targeted ads in order to abide to Apple's new restrictions.

But, furthermore, Apple is screening applications that were previously available on the Appstore that might be in conflict with user privacy and removing them from the Appstore. This can cause serious issues for users and, inevitably, Apple.

Apple has been in question about removing the Chinese based internet messaging service WeChat, however, the messaging giant has over 1 billion users – which is significant. A survey was done to find out, if Apple removes WeChat from the Appstore, how many iPhone users would stay with Apple, a shocking 95 percent of the answers came back as negative and would invest in alternate smartphone brands.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on the shocking results of the survey that reveal that 95 percent of Apple iPhone users in China would abandon Apple provided certain apps would be banned on the Apple Appstore.

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