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Currently the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is available in silver, gold and space grey, but Apple could be about to add a fourth colour to the mix as, reportedly, a red shape might be announced today. You might even be able to pre-order one too, if you want one that is.

According to MacRumors, the new colour would be a limited edition (PRODUCT) RED shade, which we have seen Apple launch previously for the iPhone 7, so the iPhone 8 version is likely to be a similar bright red. Some of the proceeds from the sales would also presumably go to the (RED) AIDS charity.

The memo states this red iPhone 8 would be added to Virgin Mobile's inventory immediately after today's announcement, so you might be able to even pre-order in a matter of hours, although it is unknown how long it will be before the phone starts shipping.

There is no word on how much it will cost, we can however expect that it will be in the same price as the existing shades, as nothing other than the colour is likely to change. This information is so far unconfirmed, but as a red iPhone 8 has been rumoured before, and Apple reporter, Mark Gurman, has tweeted that the launch should happen this week.

Interesting though the memo makes no mention of a red iPhone X, or a blush gold one, the latter which has previously been rumoured and even caught on camera.

We might have to wait longer for that if it ever arrives, which is a shame, since right now you can only get Apple's top-end iPhone in silver or space grey.

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