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Research states that by the year 2020, 33% of smartphones will be enabled with Artificial Intelligence (AI). You do not have to wait three years to experience the future though, this year saw the release of the first smartphones with AI, one of which is the Huawei Mate 10. Artificial intelligence is set to change the way we interact with our phones, and what the device can do for us. 

Here are 4 ways an AI-enabled smartphone can enhance your life right now: 

1. Your phone will know what you want before you do

As scary as it may sound, AI-enabled smartphones can actually play an integral part in our lives. Smartphones already play such a huge role in most lives, so it is inevitable that they would one day be able to predict what you need before you have to summon Siri or use Google. 

By monitoring what you do in your daily life, your smartphone is now able to perform tasks in a more intuitive way and personalise your experience. 

2. You won't be left hanging

We have all experienced that poor signal moment where you need your Google Maps to work, driving towards an unknown destination, and it decides to stop connecting to the Internet. An on-device AI smartphone is that you can now access intelligent apps without having to connect to the internet. The brainchild behind this little miracle on the Huawei Mate 10 is the Kirin 970; a chip that works continuously to optimise phone performance. 

3. You won't be let down by a dying battery

Extended battery life is every smartphone owner's dream. Smartphone's capabilities have extended, so battery life had decreased exponentially. AI-enabled smartphones have enhanced battery performance, mainly because they do not have to constantly access the cloud to process data. Only active features are being powered, allowing you to make far better use of your battery life and consequently your phone becomes much more energy efficient. 

4. Your phone is now an expert at photography

Back in the day phone cameras featured a 1.3MP camera, now on-device AI means that your smartphone is smarter and more intuitive. AI-vision cameras like Huawei's Mate 10 dual-lens Leica camera scans the environment so that performance and user experience can be optimised. These cameras observe and identify what is being shot, even to the extent that is can distinguish the difference between a dog and cat. This means you get the best quality photo possible whenever you take a shot.

These four enhancements are only just a few examples of how AI phones are changing how we interact with the world around us. It won't be long before we realise how easy life will be with our little AI companions to help us run our lives. 

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