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Take a look at this compilation of angry parents destroying their kid's electronics.

Sometimes enough is enough! As much as we all love gaming and tech, there comes a point where you have to find a balance, especially if you're still in your parent's house!

In this video, you'll see a whole array of scenarios, including buying new games with parent's credit cards without permission, which throws their parent's temper out of control to the point where the father gets his chainsaw and literally saws his gaming TV in half!

Another epic one was the scene where a kid want's to take no responsibility for his life and prefers to just sit on his laptop 24/7. Needless to say, his father had enough and took his laptop outside, soaked it in fuel and set that bad boy on fire!

So, a word of advice, if you intend on keeping your beloved tech and gaming consoles, get a job, do your part around the house, and then game as much as you want in your spare time!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, FleXBosse, on Angry Parents Destroying Their Kids Electronics.

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