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Have you ever had that moment that you see something, and you wondered how could you live without it? Even if it might be too expensive for you to afford, well then this is just the gadget for you. 

Razer recently launched Project Valerie in the hopes of taking gaming to the next level. With three times the screens, the multi-monitor gaming laptop might be the future of gaming. 


Making all the gamer's dreams come true, Project Valerie has a stack of screens that slide into a three-display setup under their own power. It might not be the most practical laptop, but it is probably one of the most unusual concepts so far. The Project Valerie will give you an immersive-triple-display gaming experience with a whopping resolution of 1150x 2160 and eye-popping 4K display.


Regardless of where you are, you can have the visual superiority of a 12K desktop setup to excel at both work and play! 


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