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With drastic advancements in augmented reality technology, speculation around the next generation of AR Apple products suggest a combination of AR and VR in a set of high-tech glasses that could replace your Apple iPhone.

Since Apple created the first applications to offer augmented reality with the Apple iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE and the same generation iPads, the demand for more advanced and in-depth AR-reliant products have been in the forefront of future Apple product generations, right up until the iPhone 11, which was launched in late 2019.

The most popular AR application to hit the AppStore was a game created by a company called Niantic Inc. When they released the infamous Pokémon Go mobile game, demand was so high that users literally changed their Apple accounts to bypass the country availability restriction soon after its initial release. The concept of being able to capture Pokémon Go game characters on your phone, together with the realism of AR, was a huge selling point.

With that said, there are many other ways in which AR can be more than just a gimmick for a mobile game. According to Apple leak sources, Apple is in development of a new AR-based device, a tech-wear product in the form of a pair of glasses, which opens up a whole world of AR possibilities, which could replace the need of a smartphone. One example would be an AR version of Apple Maps. Imagine you're walking through the city, following your navigation app through your Apple Glasses, and the navigation telemetry is projected over your walk path. Perhaps you're unable to read text on a signboard that is a bit too far away, well, just zoom in with the Apple glasses' on-board camera instead of walking closer. Easy. Oh yes, and they can translate signs that are in another language too. That's pretty neat.

Regardless if these Apple speculations are true or not, all these AR possibilities are becoming a reality and will be available within the next few years. Apple has already announced that it will be focussing its attention on third party AR application development in 2021, which means that, by 2022, most of its products will be AR-based.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube tech channel ZONEofTech as they dive into the new AR Apple Glasses.

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