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Apples brand new iOS 14 has more security and safety features that Facebook says could hurt their ability to advertise.

Apple has grown a reputation of taking user security and privacy very seriously, even to the extent of notifying users each and every time an application wants to know their location and other forms of data that may be suspicious. Furthermore, Apple thoroughly screens each third-party mobile app that applies to have their services available on the Apple Appstore, so that iPhone users can be confident knowing that their data privacy is secure.

However, newly released reports on the latest security systems that will be implemented to Apple's iOS 14 have a few third-party app giants stressing over their ability to advertise to users based on their interests and location. Facebook has openly admitted their concerns over Apple's updated user data security and privacy.

However, Apple's interests lie in protecting their users as their main priority and will not change or dilute their restrictions. Facebook and other third-party apps that require intensive user data permissions will have to find alternative ways to deliver relevant ads to their users in order to fit into Apple's mobile operating systems.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on Apple Will Hurt Facebook With New Software.

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