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Take a look at this ultimate customisation guide for your homescreen on Apple iOS 14.

Finally, Apple has made iOS 14 available to the public, and it will work on all iPhones from the iPhone 6 and later.

iOS 14 makes its mark in Apple's history with a drastically changed way a user experiences Apple's mobile devices. If you're already an iPhone user, then best you connect to a decent WiFi network and update to iOS 14.

iPhone users now have the ability to fully customise their homescreens by adding widgets and removing and storing non-used apps to simplify their homescreen layouts. Yes, we know Andriod has been doing this for years already, and it's finally time Apple did the same.

Furthermore, iOS 14 comes with a few more default apps, such as an incredibly accurate translation app, as well as a few updates to apps such as the music app.

But, with such a big and drastic update such as iOS 14, it might be quite intimidating to find out how to exactly use all these new features and customise your homescreen that you're so familiar with. Don't stress, though, just take a look at the guide in the video below by YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, on Apple iOS 14 Homescreen Customisation Guide.

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